Dynamic Transformation

Versatile Commodities, Materials, and Property Categories

Financing Upper- and Mid-Stream Commodity and Material Assets

Xaya Asset Management uses the expertise of top-notch industrial, natural, and financial resources to offer a unique strategy of decoupled integration, aimed at maximizing productivity and reliability of organizational assets through all stages of their lifecycle.
Long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects where the source of debt repayment is limited to the cash flow generated by the underlying project with non or limited recourse to the project sponsors

Our Typical Structure

Project Finance


  • Evaluate project terms, risks and viability
  • Support negotiations
  • Financial planning and arrangemenet between key parties


  • Develop optimal finance structure
  • Enlist ECAs and other multilateral agencies
  • Lead negotiations among sponsors and related parties
  • Documentation

Syndication & Agent Services

  • Manage cross-border syndication
  • Follow-up management and monitoring as lead arranger

Industry Sectors Covered:

  • Oil/Petrochemicals
  • Mining, Processing & Smelting
  • Cementitious Materials & Production/Processing
  • Power Generation, Transmission/Distribution
  • Waste Treatment
  • Highway, Railway, Port, Water, & Other Infrastructure
Our investment structures are typically through equity, convertible debt, bridge financing, and/or quasi-equity instruments as well as taking direct project interests. Xaya Asset Management seeks to develop a risk weighted portfolio of energy and infrastructure/physical assets spread by commodity, country and investment stage Value-added services also include financial solutions, such as prepayments, inventory finance, tolling finance, and open credit, as well as price risk management, and partnerships.


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